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Just a little everlasting design to celebrate lasting love.  I bound together twigs and filled them with moss and soil before planting a single Sempervivum rosette and arranging a few dried rose hips, viburnum berries, and millet around it.  The buttons seemed a perfect finishing touch.


Valentine's Succulent

Sunny Succulents Bouquet


I didn’t think there would be any more arrangements to be made featuring locally grown flowers this year since we had our first snow and hard freeze this past week.  But, lo and behold, I got the inspiration to make this darling design using the very last of the sunny yellow mums grown in our greenhouse and several cuttings of succulents from my collection.   It’s no secret that succulents fascinate me, and I snatch up any chance to use them in floral designs.   Besides their architectural lines and modern appeal, I love that I’m giving clients a lasting element to their arrangements when I include succulents that they can plant after the flowers fade.


Sunny Succulent Diptych

Heavy Metal

Industrial design with orange calla lillies


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My floral design class at the moment is all about exploring different design “ambiences”, or moods, really. The past two weeks have had very contrasting ambiences: exotic and natural. I much perfer the natural, but the exotic was fun to try.


Exotic Floral Design

Exotic Ambience


Natural Floral Design

Natural Ambience (Floral Wall Tapestry)


On another note, the last of my own cut flowers ended this past week with our first hard frost on November 5th. I still had just a few bunches to sell at the farmers market that I managed to harvest just before the frost, but that was the last of them for this year. Time to start planning for next season and possibly growing cuts in a hoop house of my very own!


Market display

Two Beauties

Autumn hand tied


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