Have you noticed… the trees are coming into bloom!  The forsythia has been doing its best to march on like good soldiers through the chill of late March.  And now this week the cherries burst forth!  Not generally a pink or yellow fan, somehow the shocking contrast between the forsythia and cherry blooms makes me quite giddy! The magnolias are gracefully opening their voluptuous flowers like the Madonnas they are.  The quince buds are swelling, promising their coral charms in just a few more days.  Apple, pear and dogwood blossoms are surely not far behind.   These delicate heralds of spring are so fleeting, here today and gone with the next spring rain.  Go out and have a picnic under the cherry trees this weekend!

I entered the photo above of flowering quince
in the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest.

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