Like clockwork (pun absolutely intended — I’m usually good for the cheap jokes), the switch out of daylight savings time each year always signals a decided change in my life.  Yes, I’m thankful for the extra hour of sleep on a chilly Sunday morning just like everyone else.  But more importantly, it means that the hours of daylight are noticeably shrinking and my schedule decidedly shifts from long days of exhausting work in the fields and the studio to a more relaxed pace, often involving quiet long evenings at home (an unheard-of luxury during the growing/wedding season).

I cook.  I bake.  I drink a glass – or two – of chardonnay or port (I can’t drink during the growing season because I’m so exhausted, I immediately fall asleep at the first sip!).  I go to bed not feeling wrung out of every single ounce of energy in every single fiber of my body.  I knit.  I read.  I hang out with friends (those that still recognize me after such a long hiatus from any social life at all).  I might even watch a few guilty pleasure shows on TV (I’m looking at you, Gossip Girl).   Gosh, I feel “normal” for a few short months.

white lisianthus

This weekend I finished the last of the weddings for the 2012 season.  And there is going to be a hard freeze tonight and tomorrow that will surely kill off what remains in the field.  The hoop house will keep providing flowers through Thanksgiving, but then it’s all over for another year.  I am grateful for the much-needed rest.  I am also, as I am every year, a little anxious.  It’s a truly unusual and daunting experience to look into the long, dark, cold days of winter without the high-paced routine of the last nine months to keep you on track.   Don’t get me wrong… the winter is not exactly dull and boring around Love ‘n Fresh.  It is full of meetings and proposals for the next season’s weddings as well as tons of reflection on how the past season went and planning for how to make the next season better.  I haunt antique and thrift stores for vintage finds to add to our rental collections.   I also always seem to have a few special projects up my sleeve that inevitably take up way more time than I anticipate (this winter, I’m hoping to overhaul the website).  There’s a huge stack of seed catalogs on my desk that I want to get through before the stark reality of what worked and what didn’t this year fades into fanciful memory.  And there’s an even larger stack of receipts and other bookkeeping tasks threatening to bury me alive if I don’t finally sit down and do the dreaded data entry.  More wine please!

Limelight hydrangeas

But for now,  I’m starting with the first long dark evening after the clocks have “fallen back” by making a hearty homemade meal (veggie lasagna) and spending time with those I love.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to do this.  I’m ever so grateful for the season that is about to pass and the season soon to come and all of you who have followed the journey.

ALL PHOTOS IN THIS POST ARE BY THE LOVELY MARIA MACK PHOTOGRAPHY and were taken in the Love ‘n Fresh flower fields. 

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