Aquilegia Barlow


Today I felt like a kid on Christmas morning that came downstairs to find a pony after preparing herself for a pair of roller skates.   Don’t get me wrong – roller skates are fun.  But a pony is AMAZING!  And that’s just what these blooms from the Aquilegia Barlow series were for me.

Over a year ago,  I got an order of Aquilegia Barlow plugs from Gro ‘n Sell and, with some trepidation, gave up a long portion of a row in the overflowing perennial beds to these plants that I knew wouldn’t produce anything to cut until the next season.  It was hard to have faith that the investment, in both money and space, would be worth it.   I figured I would at least get roller skates out of them, which means they’d be delicate and useful for small bouquet work like the many Aquilegia canadensis I already grow.


Aquilegia Barlow


I had learned about the exquisite Barlow series of wild columbine from flower maven, Erin B.  I saw photos  of hers and couldn’t believe how tall they were.  And the dark rich colors were much more saturated than the pastels typical of Aquilegia.  I had to try them!  But I was skeptical that mine would be as nice.  Erin, after all, surely has flower fairies that work for her since all her organic flowers are simply out-of-this-world stunning!  Mine never seem to be as tall or as beautiful as hers.

I would have kissed her today if we weren’t separated by a continent!!   These blooms are AMAZING!  They’re the pony I always wanted!  The stems are so very very straight, sturdy and tall – most are nearly three feet!   The plants are absolutely loaded with buds.  I harvested a big armful today and suspect there will be many more to come.  The colors are really wonderful and “vintage”, perfect for this spring’s weddings!   The petals are so ruffly and romantic.  Sigh…

I floated through the rest of my day after harvesting these, on a pure flower high.   It didn’t hurt that there was a soft patter of rain drops too.  It was a good day!


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